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IB Roof Systems FAQ from our suppliers.

What is PVC membrane?

PVC stands for Poly-Vinyl Chloride. The IB membrane has a PVC package of Nitril Rubber plus other modifiers which gives the formulation the greatest resistance to those chemicals which the roof may come in contact with, including fatty acids from restaurants and industrial manufacturing. The PVC formulation also has the highest resistance to U.V. of any product on the market today. Our PVC formulation has over 30 years of proven performance without a single failure.

How available are IB Roof Systems products?

IB Roof Systems has warehouses in Oregon, Texas, Nevada, and Illinois. These warehouses are stocked with our most frequently ordered products and service all IB authorized contractors. In most cases, if an order is placed before noon, it will be delivered in the next one or two business days.

How does IB Roof Systems PVC membrane hold up in climate changes?

IB Roof Systems PVC membrane has been designed to withstand harsh climatic changes such as rapid freeze thaw cycles, quick thermo-shocks, and high U.V. and wind exposure. These systems have not only been tested in laboratories but by the elements themselves. All the roofs installed with IB Roof Systems membrane since 1979 are still in working order today.

What warranties does IB Roof Systems offer?

IB Roof Systems offers 100% lifetime material warranties on residential projects with up to 25 year NDL warranties on commercial projects.

Does ponding water affect the roofing system?

Ponding water does not affect IB Roof Systems membrane, its performance, or the warranty. Ponding water, however, can be a hazard if its weight compromises a building's structural integrity, so it is always a good idea to keep ponding water down to a minimum.

How architecturally friendly is IB Roof Systems?

IB Roof Systems realizes how valuable time is. That is why we have developed some wonderful tools accessible through our website. Specwriter allows you to customize a CSI formatted spec in about four minutes. Our design professional page has all the information necessary about IB Roof Systems to develop the roofing section for your project. IB Roof Systems even has CAD drawings available.

Does IB Roof Systems offer different grades of membrane?

Yes. Along with IB Roof Systems high-quality PVC membrane, IB has ChemGuard, a proven oil, grease, and chemical resistant membrane. IB Roof Systems has made a commitment to set the standard for the restaurant roofing market. ChemGuard is the only roofing membrane to meet containment industry standards. Because of ChemGuard's enhanced chemical resistance characteristics, ChemGuard is almost impervious to a wide range of acids, alkaline, greases, and oils. ChemGuard also comes with up to a 25 year warranty.

Quality Control?

IB Single-Ply is one of the few membranes in the world to adopt the high standard in manufacturing of QS9000 and ISO 9001. This means all IB membranes are manufactured to the highest standard in the world.

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